Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Really...not even a little break?

Monkey had a really rough weekend and I knew she had to be getting sick - yet again.
When I walked into her room to wake her yesterday morning (yes, she slept through the night Sunday night!!!), I realized that the entire side of her face was wet - I will spare the really yucky details that only a select few had the pleasure of hearing - when I looked closer, it was her ear draining like crazy all over the place!
To sum it up, Monkey has a really bad sinus infection, yucky runny eyes and an ear infection - in both ears!
Our routine now includes antibiotic drops in her eyes, antibiotic drops in her ears and now antibiotics to coat her little tummy.
Hopefully she will be feeling better for Thanksgiving. We need a beautiful long weekend with everyone feeling well!

Wish us luck!


jennohara said...

Oh no! Good luck! I'm sure your Thanksgiving will be wonderful! Feel better Addie!!!!

HEWY said...

Happy Thanksgiving!