Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fast forward and Ouch

(Disclaimer - certain companies block these video's, but for those of you that can view it, you may want to pause the music - lower right hand side of the blog)

I have more catching up to do, but lets skip ahead to tonight.

Monkey said a new word tonight!!!! We get so excited with each new word we hear her say! The video is just a few seconds long.

You get to hear "OUCH" and then she is "growling" at the end - her way of concentrating!


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Plain as day! Reminds me of E.T.


Love the new family pic!

jennohara said...

So cute! Every day something new!
I love the new family photo!

The Butlers said...

Hey there! Sorry been out of the loop. Kids have been sick, then well, then sick, well you get the picture. I am amazed at all the new things Miss Addie has been doing. And I LOVE the new pictures from Kim and Halloween and actually, just all of them. Hope you guys are doing great. Love ya