Friday, November 13, 2009

Kind people

As soon as we made it to the field last weekend, Addie spotted a lady sitting with her daughter on a blanket. They were making bracelets. Addie walked right to the edge of their blanket and sat down. She never attempted to mess with their things, she just wanted to watch.
Not long after we arrived, their game ended and they started to gather their things.
It was at that point that they really took notice of Addie sitting and watching. The Mom made a comment that she wished she had more time, she would make Addie a bracelet and continued to gather her things. The daughter looked up at me and told me that Addie could have the bracelet that she had just finished making.
Up until that point we hadn't said anything to them and I don't think Addie really wanted anything more than to watch what they were doing. She is definitely a people watcher and loves to take in all that is around her!
Let me tell you though, they made her day! Addie was thrilled to have this bracelet and I don't think these people have a clue how they made my day.
I keep telling is the little things that matter most to us.
Kindness and respect is all we ever want from people.

So proud and showing her Daddy!