Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's Not a Broken Dream...

Over six years later, those words still dominate my thoughts.

My dream was never to spend countless hours researching bikes and helmets, it was never to waste spend money on bikes that Addie would never ride.
My dream was for her to be out with us, following along and enjoying the thrill of riding a bike.

It hasn't happened - yet.

So, for different dream.

Almost one year ago, I sat down with Addie's team of therapists and teachers and mentioned how much desire Addie had to ride a bike
then I gave a quick recap of all we had tried in order to make it happen.

At the beginning of September, one of Addie's physical therapist's sent me an email giving me an update after one of her visits with Addie.
She innocently closed the email by telling me if I had any questions or needed anything, to let her know.
So I did.

I told her that Addie wanted so much to ride a bike and that I was desperate to teach her how.

A few emails, phone calls and a handful of paperwork later, I found out that Addie had been approved for a bike.
Not just any bike, but the bike that might make it possible for her to learn to ride - on her own.

We made an appointment, anxiously made the drive to Homewood and nauseous over not knowing what to expect, we walked into a room full of physical therapists and volunteers to find a bike, customized for Addie's needs -
and waiting for us to take it home.  

Thanks to Addie's physical therapists, and to an amazing organization:
we have spent the last nine days working on Addie's desire to do what every other child can do.

With E.R. Baby by her side...
we made our first trip to the park, for Addie's first ride.
While she was super excited, we were super nervous.

The Little Monkey wants to do it all by herself and told her Daddy on more than one occassion, "I got it.".
...she really doesn't, but very much wants to do it all...

and so we have to be patient and help her enjoy every moment until she really does "got it".

It.  Is.  So.  Hard.

I stopped pushing Monkus in order to get a better photo and she quickly turned around to see why I was slacking at my duties.
I couldn't help it.
I wanted to capture those first few minutes.

AMBUCS of Birmingham somehow never entered onto my radar over the last six years.
It is a shame that I missed out on knowing about a phenomenal organization for so very long.

AMBUCS of Birmingham provides bikes to people with disabilities and they also work to help people within the community who are in need of wheelchair ramps for their homes.

If you would like to know more about AMBUCS of Birmingham, please follow the hyperlinks I have provided.
The "Videos & Testimonials" at the bottom, right hand side of their page is pretty touching to listen to.

Also, I understand that most individuals already have designated non-profit organizations where they make charitable contributions on a regular basis.
if you are looking for a non-profit organization - here, within the Birmingham community - an organization that changes lives and makes dreams come true,
please consider making a donation to AMBUCS of Birmingham - whenever the time is right for you.


I have also added a link to their website under "Other Great Sites To Visit".


jennohara said...

WHAT!? This is so AWESOME Jenn!!!
I can't wait for her to "got it!" What an amazing organization. Be sure to keep us all updated!

Lisa said...

That is Awesome! And I have to say, as always, she is beautiful! I love her smiles :)