Saturday, October 19, 2013

You can thank me later...

For all of you parents who sing, "The Doc is in" every waking moment, ask people for a "cuddle", give stuffed animals a "check-up" on a daily basis, and who have spent an obnoxious amount of money on a 4 inch stuffed lamb, dragon or hippo, this post is for you.

RUN, don't walk, to your nearest Costco....NOW.

Overized Lambie and Stuffy are available for $15.00!
Yes, you read that right!
(does not include gas, mileage or Costco membership fee)

I had a gentleman stop me in a department store this evening to comment on Lambie. 
He didn't speak very good English.
After me telling him twice, he finally caught on to the word, "Costco" and then when I said, "$15.00", he brought his hands to his face and shook his head and proceeded to try to tell me how much he had spent on a micro-Lambie.
I so felt his pain.

I have no doubt that he left Belk and went straight to Costco without ever looking back.
In fact I'm pretty sure I heard him cast blessings of good fortune upon me as he fled the store.  

You.  Are.  Welcome.
(I accept small, unmarked bills or multiple bags of unopened, plain M&M's)

....and, next time we leave the pumpkin patch, my husband isn't allowed to pick where we eat for dinner....just sayin'.