Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Parenting Day 2013

Chris and I stopped by to see Addie during her "Writing Workshop" on Parenting Day.

I send in pictures of Addie and the things she loves and I write a description on the back of each picture so that her helper will know what the picture is all about.
Then Addie gets to pick one of her pictures and she "writes" about it and then when it is her turn, she can share with the class.

On this day, Addie chose the picture of her washing the dishes from her kitchen.

Mrs. Anita helped Addie with her writing while the Little Monkey looked around at all the parents in the room.

It was a lot of hard work.

Mrs. Anita is by Addie's side each day and helps her with each task.
While Mrs. Anita is super compassionate and extremely loving to Addie, she doesn't give Addie the easy way out.
Mrs. Anita has to be Addie's biggest cheerleader, she is always so proud of every little accomplishment.
She was telling me just today, that she is so proud of Addie for learning to draw the circle for a face and two little dots for eyes and then the little line for a mouth.
It is the little, little things that are so wonderful to hear!

Addie still needs a hand to guide her as she works toward independent name writing - we are absolutely making progress!

October 8, 2013