Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Bug...

I personally have had enough of the back to school/fall bugs.
In less than a month, Fungus Monkus has had strep and a massive, disgusting, horrible stomach bug.
Oh.  My.  Goodness.
I cannot even count the number of times she got sick and there was absolutely no end in sight all night last night.
It was miserable.

While I was at home today with Fungus, I got a call from Charlie's Mom, telling me to check my mailbox because she left something "perfect" for today.

I left Rudy in charge of Monkus and I went to check the mailbox...and there I discovered a truly perfect gift.
I wouldn't expect anything less from Charlie's Mom.

My Little Fungus Monkus

and her "Bug Bites" to see her through her stomach bug.
Aaaahhhh...the joys of having friends with a fantastic sense of humor - and a kind heart.
I mean seriously, it takes someone pretty special to drive through my neighborhood, on their lunch break, just to bring a little something to put a smile on the faces of two girls in sequestration.