Saturday, May 09, 2009

Harder than you can imagine

The other day, two teachers in another classroom told me that they were watching Addie on the playground. She went over to a tricycle and was attempting to pick up the helmet off the ground and get on the tricycle.

Monkey see - Monkey do.

Of course, I started brainstorming. I decided that I could always bring Addie's tricycle to school for her. This would require that her teachers push her around (with the hand bar), but this would give her another opportunity to do what her friends were doing. I emailed the powers that be to make sure there were no health or safety concerns with my decision.

Next, I had to force myself to do something that I have been putting off since December. I had to find Addie a helmet.

Have you thought about that?
I know I have mentioned hats, hoods and headbands, but I never told you the anxiety that I have over trying to find Addie a helmet.

It is truly breaking my heart.

Chris has known the owners of Bike Link for a long time, so we decided to stop in this morning to talk to one of them.

Let me first say that this man was unbelievably compassionate. We didn't have to tell him anything about Addie, because it was obvious that there is a special need. This man was incredible. He measured Addie's head (Oh, Dear God be with me) and then started looking through books and making phone calls. He was kind and patient.

I can't even write this without tearing up...

The owner is having to get a little helmet from his other store. He will have it on Monday. We will have to take Addie back Monday afternoon and try our best to figure out how to modify the helmet for her. The owner is going to do whatever he can to help us.

I know it may seem like a simple thing to do. For us, it's not. It's hard and it breaks our hearts. It's just another reminder of how nothing is ever simple or easy. It reminds us that in order for Addie to be like her friends, we have to work harder, make modifications and paste a stupid smile on our faces so that no one will notice just how much it hurts. How much it hurts to stand in the middle of a bike shop with the cutest little helmets all lined up on the wall and for there not to be one for Addie.

Did I mention that we're even going to have to modify the little straps under her chin?

When the owner hung up the phone after finding the best helmet he could, he came over and told us that he would have it for us and that it was pink, with bunnies and would be so sweet for Addie.

Thank you God for this compassionate man. We desperately needed him.