Sunday, October 06, 2013

Concierge Medicine

My Thursday was cut quite short due to a telephone call from Monkey's school.

The situation sounded rather urgent.
Addie wouldn't stop crying, she was refusing to eat or drink and she was saying that she "hurt".

I secured Monkey a work in doctor's appointment and Chris and I both left in order to take our acutely ill primate to the doctor.

Upon retrieving her from school, Addie gave all appearances of being very ill.
She had a low grade fever, flushed little cheeks and looked absolutely pitiful.

When we made it to our very favorite pediatricians office, Monkus complied with triage and was not overly opposed to going to the exam room.
Upon settling into the exam room, the Little Monkey began to eat and drink.

She sat in the big girl chair by herself and even managed to clean up the water off the floor that had dripped off her hands after washing them.  
Not exactly the behavior that I was expecting after such an incredibly awful morning.
A morning that indicated Monkey should be seen - immediately - by our very favorite pediatrician - ever.

My rotten, rotten, rotten, Little Monkey started to perk up, did well enough during the exam and procedures and we ended up leaving with a very fixable diagnosis.
The very fixable diagnosis - no doubt - very much warranted lots of tears on Addie's part.
She is already feeling so much better.

Did I already say how much we love our pediatrician and his patience for our Little Monster Monkey?
Which brings me back to concierge medicine and why it sounds better and better every single day.