Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Day at the Zoo

The day was absolutely gorgeous and the temperature was cool and when given the choice between another pumpkin patch or a visit to the zoo,
Julien chose the zoo.

I wouldn't recommend trying this.
This is not parent approved, Julien just likes to see me go from calm to crazy in a matter of seconds.

A very rare opportunity to actually see the resident alligator doing anything other than floating in the water.
Addie was less than thrilled to see him swimming towards us and demanded that she be moved out of harms way.

Walking around the zoo is tough work and required a bit of relaxation

before heading into the "cave" to explore.

Indeed he is.
In many different ways.

Also, I feel compelled to say that Julien does own jeans, long sleeve shirts and jackets.
So while he was comfortable in summer clothes, Monkus had me bring along her winter coat, which proceeded to shed all over all of us.

She's happier than she looks.

Picture perfect.

Amazing how one piece of painted wood can provide so much excitement.

The day was perfect!

My band.

My people watchers.

We had a very rare opportunity to see the lion and lioness being fed.
It was very impressive.

It was one of those days when it all went as planned.

October 26, 2013