Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Slackers

Normally by this time of year, we have hit every pumpkin patch around, but this year, we've been busy - very busy.

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch and while Julien, Chris and I had a good time, Monkey had her moments.
She reluctantly followed Julien into the hay maze.
I'm not real sure what her hesitation was, it's not like he couldn't see to find his way out.

(and yes, that is the only Halloween outfit she has)

Next came the bin of cotton.
Complete fail.
She clung to the side, while we had a little girl come by and ask her if she could walk or talk and then a little boy who came by and pommeled her with an armful of cotton.
(insert no comment here)

Then we tried convincing Monkey to pet the rabid rabbit before making our way in to see all the fuzzy chickens.
The chickens really made her smile!

I thought our afternoon was looking up when she willingly sat down to have her picture taken.

She even thought the calves were pretty funny and ran away giggling.

But, when we made it to the pumpkin patch to find the four lucky pumpkins who would come home with us, Addie clung to me or stood next to me and cried.
Not exactly how I saw the afternoon playing out for us.

Chris and Julien immediately went off in search of pumpkins and pretended they didn't know either one of us.

To punish Julien for leaving me alone with the screaming primate, he was forced to take a picture with his prized pumpkin.

She didn't protest too much when I told her that we had to stop and wash our hands before we could go back to the car.

She kept a very watchful eye on Julien as he carried two of the pumpkins for us.
Monkey's determination to make sure that Julien arrived safely to our car with the pumpkins fully intact, expedited our exit from the farm.

Whew...what an adventure!

October 19, 2013


Cindy said...

You got a great picture of her smiling by the bale of hay! That's something, right?! :)