Thursday, October 10, 2013

Out of the Clear Blue Sky

My sweet, sweet girl spoke to me this afternoon, with absolute clarity, as if it was something she does every single day.

Upon arriving at dance, Chris parked the car in an area that would make our departure easy.
However, it made walking into the building less convenient.
Addie already had on her ballet shoes and there was an area covered in mulch, which meant that I had to pick Addie up and carry her so that she wouldn't get her shoes dirty.

I was tiptoeing because I was still wearing my work shoes, and out of the clear blue sky, I heard:

Addie:  "Be careful Mommy."

Me:  "Oh Addie.  Thank you so much sweet girl, thank you for being so sweet to Mommy.  I'm being careful."

Addie:  "Don't fall."

Me:  "I'm not going to fall Baby, I've got you."

....absolutely unbelievable. 
I know she has heard me say that to her a million times..."Be careful Addie, Mommy doesn't want you to fall." .... and over six years later...I heard it from her.

I wish I could describe how wonderful it felt, to have those few seconds of  spontaneous conversation with my Baby Girl.
It doesn't happen often enough, but I will take every single moment I can get.