Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Bye-Bye Thomas!

We were apparently very much in need of some rest.

When we weren't on the train, Addie was either attached to me or was crying hysterically.
It was the perfect fun and relaxing atmosphere that I had so hoped to experience.
Addie was very interested in what the conductor was passing out.
When she was handed her certificate, you would have thought she won free cupcake cakes for life.
She was so proud!
Julien tried to hold the certificate for her, he almost lost his hand...or at least a few fingers.
He decided to sit back and just quietly enjoy the train ride instead and he certainly didn't even consider getting close enough for a picture with us.
Trying to collect all of her stamps for participating in all the activities around the train yard.  
Addie had no desire to take a picture with Thomas.  
I don't know exactly how much money that saved me, but I was most appreciative of her refusal to partake in the activities of the masses.

Thomas the Tank Engine 2012 - That's a wrap!