Thursday, May 31, 2012

and...Yet Another Train

I fully realize this is tremendously boring to everyone except our little family.
Any opportunity that we have to be stopped by a train is a good moment for us because it makes Addie so very happy!

On the way back out to the car - when we finally decided to call it a day - because we had to pick Chris up from his getaway - we got stopped by another train.

Notice the sign by the tracks?
Like I always tell Julien, although it might seem stupid, it wouldn't be there if someone, somewhere hadn't done it before.

Despite the lack of a smile, Addie was taking it all in!

This Little Monkey was so proud of her duck and duck shirt!
When I took them from her to put her into the car, you would have thought the world was falling apart at the edges.
Life was only restored once the items were once again placed in her hands.
Sweet Girl!
Buck Creek Festival 2012 - That's a wrap!