Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Soccer - Game Number Four

It went from freezing the week before to miserably hot the next.
Game four - buddy number four.

My little Monkey must have loved this buddy because there was no adjustment period.
When it was time to get started, Addie ran right onto the field and took her buddy's hand!

While waiting for the goal to be reestablished, Addie took the opportunity to make certain her cuticles were in excellent condition.
Just one more minute for the final and much more detailed examination and then 
she was ready to bypass all rules and regulations and commence with goal making.
She looked awfully cute during her soccer playing efforts.
YAY- lots of celebrating for her goal!

Little Diva with her hands on her hips!

Rules apparently don't apply to the Monkus.
She went from cute and cool to just about to melt in the heat!

Where's the cloud cover when we really need it????
Back out on the field, water bottle to assist with her balance and her hydration!

Whew, that trek up and down the field seemed to get longer as the afternoon wore on.

Some Italian Ice to cool down on the car ride home.
Addie worked so hard and did an amazing job!

April 29, 2012