Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

It was a bi-polar kind of day.
It was awesome to spend time with family and my aunt was thrilled to have everyone at the lake house.
In addition to Mother's Day, we had three birthday's and two graduations to celebrate.
We cooked, we talked....and we ate.
There was tons of cake and yummy lake food.
The kids were thrilled to have the opportunity to go fishing, flip each other out of the hammock, run all over the deck and slide down the slide, over and again.
Not even the rain and cooler temperatures slowed them down.
Julien was having the best time!
Chris was back from his four day golf trip (spoiled rotten) and ready to take on the day.

But, my heart was broken for Addie and it was all my fault.
I'm not a lake person.
I used to be, but I'm not anymore.
I have my little Fungus Monkus who not only does not understand the danger of slipping and falling, but also does not understand the danger of water.
The water level was down from the pier a bit, so it's not like I could have made something work in order to give Addie turns on the slide and I couldn't sit with her and let her put her feet in the water...because she couldn't reach.
Had she fallen off one side of the pier, there wasn't much water before it was just concrete.
On the other side of the pier, it was a nice drop before she would have hit water and then there was the two story slide.
Nothing was practical and I'm too worried about her to even try to "give it a try".
So, the entire flippin day, she kept saying to me over and over, "water?" and I kept telling her how sorry I was.
I suck as a Mother.
Imagine this sweet little face begging to do what all the other kids were doing.
It just broke my heart.
I would have been okay had she just sat with me and watched, but she wanted to run around...and I couldn't blame her, but I just couldn't take the chance.
The deck is pretty darn high up.

At one point, Chris took us for a ride on the golf cart.
It helped to temporarily occupy Addie, but it still didn't make it all okay for her.

I'll make it up to her - somehow.

...and a HUGE thanks to my aunt for hosting the Mother's Day/Graduation/Birthday celebration!


jennohara said...

You do NOT suck as a mother!!!!
My gosh, I don't blame you one second for being cautious. Water scares the bejeasus out of me too when it comes to the kids.

jennohara said...

Woops, that was for the next post. :)