Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Spring Soccer - Game Three

It's Alabama.
One soccer game it's 300 degrees outside, the very next soccer game, it is so incredibly freezing cold that I was pretty sure Addie was going to develop hypothermia before we made it off the soccer field.
This was game three and the third buddy that Addie had been paired with (and on a new field).
If I didn't know that the buddies are younger kids (for the most part) who have obligations of their own, I would get a little paranoid that Addie was repelling every buddy that came near her.
This time, Scott was the unlucky soul to grace her presence.
It took Chris and me half the game before Addie even decided to touch the soccer ball.
I'm convinced part of her anxiety is from having to meet someone new each time.

Addie was very nervous
but when she saw the camera, she was all smiles!
She needed lots of encouragement.

She has perfected the princess wave, now if I could just get her to focus on the ball right smack in front of her.
She is checking to make sure we are all watching.

I can't tell you how many times she stumbled over that ball...and continued right on walking.
The paparazzi were everywhere!
Addie worked hard, never stopping to complain...
if she stopped at all, it was to make certain her captive audience was still focused on her.
April 22, 2012