Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Royal Pain

Because so many of you always ask...

Rudy is now a permanent part of our home.
Last week he finished another round of antibiotics and is doing well.

He has learned that jumping onto our counter tops and tables is not the brightest of ideas and he has even learned to play nice with Thomas.

He enjoys spending time on the deck with Alley and Thomas, but his very favorite thing - ever
is playing in water.
It doesn't matter if it is the bath or the shower, fruit loop is right in the middle of it.
He has become a complete royal pain whenever there is running water in the bathroom.
If we are in a hurry, we have to lock him out, otherwise he will jump right in and stay until we extract him from the pool of water or mist of the shower.
He stayed in the bath the other night until he could no longer touch the bottom of the tub and started to tread water.
Once we physically extract him from the water, he will lay still as we dry him off.
I don't know why we put ourselves through the trouble of it all.
It's kind of sad when Addie thinks she's getting in the tub, then Rudy completely takes over, forcing her to wait her turn.
Once he completes his hydrotherapy, he sleeps just like a baby.


jennohara said...

This totally cracked me up!! What a crazy little kitty you have... I've never heard of a cat who likes water!