Sunday, May 06, 2012

We Do Try

In support of the HAA, we took Julien, Addie and a friend to a concert Friday night. 
Addie spent the first part of the evening curled up in my lap. 
It took a great bit of encouragement in order to get her standing on her own two feet. 
Once she finally got in the groove, she was all about dancing for short periods of time. 
I think she was still very nervous throughout the entire concert, although she had moments of just dancing her little heart out! 
She was watching everyone around us, then she just couldn't help herself and started dancing and then kept running back to me. 
 I was so impressed at the moments where Addie was oblivious to everything around her and showed her sweet, fun spirit.

On a side note - WOW. 
I was more than overwhelmed to be approached by several different people who stopped to introduce themselves because they recognized Addie. 
There truly are no words to describe how very much those moments mean to me. 
I promise you that you will never truly know how just a few kind words leaves such a beautiful impact on my heart and I know that although Addie can't tell you - she was ecstatic to meet you. 
Thank you so very much for stopping to speak to us. 
It was an honor.