Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wacky Tacky Dress Up Day!

Addie had Wacky Tacky Dress Up Day - one of my favorite dress up days of the year!

It was really quite funny this year because Addie is paying more attention to everything that I do.
Most mornings, after I get Addie dressed, I tell her to go and look in the big mirror in my room so that she can see how beautiful she looks.
(Sure I want her to see how beautiful she is, but that also usually buys me a few extra minutes so that I can get dressed!)

On this morning, as I was getting her dressed, she kept looking at each article of clothing.
She would pick up her dress and look and then look at her socks and then look at me.
I know she thought I had lost my mind.

When we walked downstairs to get her shoes, she was not the happiest of little Monkey's.
I'm not sure if the planets were just slightly out of alignment or if she really was a little distressed at her attire.

Snowflakes, penguins,  
frogs, umbrellas, cats and flowers.
I'm sure in some jacked up psychoanalytic way, it is all relative.

She obviously moved past the trauma because she was as happy as could be when it came time to plant flowers at school.

Of all days, Chris and I had a long day at work and decided to go out for dinner.
It was on the way into the restaurant that it occurred to me that Addie might attract a few more glances than usual.
I was so right and so didn't care.
She's beautiful no matter how she is dressed!