Monday, May 28, 2012

Buck Creek Festival

It has been a couple of years since we attended the Buck Creek Festival.
Chris was out of town, the weather was mild and...I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take the Little Monkey to see the largest duck to descend on our little town.

Despite the crowds, we managed to get seats with a birds eye view of the duck race.
(If the truth be known, there were two guys sitting at a table for four and I just kind of weaseled my way into their afternoon lunch, but it had to be done.)

Sweet Addie and E.R. Baby were thrilled with all the activity.

We watched in anticipation as the race began.

It took a little longer for the ducks to get moving.

In fact, they had to be coerced over the falls.
Almost there...
Addie trying to figure out just what all those ducks are doing!

May 12, 2011