Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Baby Girl!

Julien and I have not been feeling well this week.
There has been whining about sore throats and headaches.
Being the good patient that I am, I dug through the cabinet for a long lost antibiotic and started taking it last night, while Julien refused my offer of a doctors appointment today.
I was pretty worthless, and Addie was sitting sweetly on my lap, being such a good girl when she put her head on my shoulder and patted me and said,
"It's OK Baby".


My sweet girl pays very close attention, but what made me so happy was to hear her say THREE WHOLE WORDS!!!!
In case you have purged all memories of those dreadful English classes you once took....that's a sentence!

Sweet Little Monkey absolutely made my night...and it also helped that she was fast asleep by 8:30.


jennohara said...

WHOA!!!! Huge! What sweet words for her to say on top of just saying them. Sweet sweet girl! Give her a hug for me!