Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Fungus Ear Update

The Little Monkus had her follow-up to her follow-up post op appointment today.

Dr. Davis has the most awesome waiting room for kids - it is so nice and clean and very Addie friendly.
Addie wasted no time finding the apron, bottles and dishes necessary to take care of the orphaned baby dolls.
It was absolutely no time before we were called back.
This is the very first time that Addie sat all by herself for the tympanogram!
She was such a brave girl!
She would tense up each time the audiologist came near her, but she never said a word or whimpered.

When the audiologist was all done and I took Addie's hand, her little hand was all clammy.
She was so much more nervous than she let on!

Dr. Davis said that Addie's right ear looks fabulous - the tube is perfect!
The left ear is now healed, but he isn't getting the reading on the tympanogram that he really wants.
He thinks that she just needs more time for her ear to repair itself - it was just that infected.

We go back in four months for a re-check...unless we need him sooner.


jennohara said...

Hopefully you wont need him sooner! Give that Addie girl a HUGE hug from all of us for being so brave!