Saturday, December 31, 2011

Five Years Today

It has been five years.

Five years since I heard, "6:00 a.m.", five years since I was told that there was "a problem", five years since the first time that I held my precious baby in my arms and promised to love her forever.

It has been five years since our lives were changed forever.
We have changed in every imaginable way - and all for the better.

Addison Ellis Henderson has taught us more in five years about love, acceptance,
patience, determination

and grace

than I could have learned on my own in my entire lifetime.

Each year that has passed has taught me more about myself, this world and the sweet Baby Girl I hold in my arms each day.

I will always believe that the first year was the hardest year of our lives and when we hit that one year mark, I allowed myself to breathe.
I knew then that we really would be ok.

...and with each passing year, our lives that were so full of fear, turned into lives of comfort.

As we celebrate today - Addie's 5th Birthday - my mind drifts back to those first few seconds of her life and I look to where we are today and realize that I wouldn't trade a moment of the experience and the honor.

I thank each one of you for standing by us through these last five years.
We need your continued support and love each day.


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Addie!!

little bit of almost heaven said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl!!!!

jennohara said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!!
Thank you, Jenn for sharing all the photos and memories. She is an amazing little girl.
I love the one of little Julien holding baby Addie! So so sweet!

Shellie said...

Happy birthday to sweet Addie! I hope y'all have a fun day and weekend! I loved seeing the baby pictures of her! She was and is such a beautiful little girl!

Granna said...

Happy Birthday, Addie! I know that you are going to keep surprising everyone with new and exciting things in 2012!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Addie!!! Hope you had a wonderful day.