Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Perfect "Just Because" Gift!

A friend/co-worker bought Addie a present and gave it to me to bring home to her.

Addie was all about taking a look inside....
and she was thrilled when she saw the monkeys! 
She tried her best to open the box,
because who wouldn't want to eat Milk Chocolate Funky Monkeys?
Addie very begrudgingly put the chocolates down once I told her to look inside the bag again.
Talk about a huge surprise!
She was in heaven!
James has now been added to her train collection.
Chocolate and a train - there was absolutely no way to go wrong with the gift!

Thank you Carie - from the bottom of my heart - your generosity means so much to me!
Addie was so very happy with her gift!!!


csmith said...

Awwwwwe her smiles brought tears to my eyes! Love that little angel!!!!! Carie