Thursday, December 08, 2011

Alley Goes To The Doctor

Addie made her first trip to see Alley's doctor.
Addie was such a good helper and tried to calm Alley on the trip to the vet.
She kept telling Alley, "doctor" and Addie even pointed to her mouth and said, "aaahhhh" in an effort to tell Alley that the doctor would have to look in her mouth.

Once we arrived at the doctor, Addie was very nervous and very attentive to Alley.
When the doctor came in, Addie got really nervous and never took her eyes off what the doctor was doing.

We were all worried that our geriatric kitty was really sick, turns out, she's just getting old(er).

Addie insisted on "holding her".

...and when Alley decided to make herself comfortable in the chair, Addie had to stay right beside her.
Addie kept reaching for the bag.
That was her way of trying to figure out if it was time to go.
When I told her that we were still waiting on Alley's blood work to come back, Addie went back to just loving on the kitty.
It's sweet to see Addie trying to be such a big girl helper!


jennohara said...

Poor Alley...
:) Addie wasn't going to let anything bad happen to her though.
What a big girl shes getting to be.