Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Baby Number One

Chris' Nanny gave Addie money for Christmas, which in turn bought baby number one of the Christmas Season.
When we were at Chris' dad's house, Addie fell in love with a baby doll that belongs to Chris' sister and I decided then that Addie had to have her.
I took the money from Nanny and bought the Adora Baby straightaway.

She is such an adorable baby and imagine my surprise when she came with a note that she was "washable", but in this world where we always have to walk on egg shells and be careful of what we say so that we don't offend anyone or throw the world off its axis, I never would have thought I would have seen this on the box:

I'm sure somebody somewhere is going to take offense that the company would imply that a real baby was machine washable and will eventually modify the packaging.
Either that or I missed the "CAUTION" note in the box, explaining to me that I cannot put a REAL baby into my washing machine.
It's a good thing I have thoroughly thought this through and understand which baby is machine washable and which isn't.

Despite any potential confusion, this baby powder smelling, satin bodied baby is fitting in quite nicely in our little home.