Sunday, December 11, 2011

Extra Crazy/Busy Couple of Days

Let me see how quickly I can sum this up:

1.  Addie has a massive ear infection.  Thank goodness that we have an ENT that actually thinks I'm smart enough to know what's going on with my child.  Thanks to him, we now have Addie on two antibiotics to hopefully clear this mess.  As you may remember, this time last year, we were going through the same thing and it resulted in a trip to the O.R. after Addie suffering for part of November, the entire month of December and part of January.  She has been pure evil this weekend...and I have been too. 

2.  Julien is right smack in the middle of wrestling season.  Wrestling is pretty much dominating our life right now.  We had two tournaments this weekend - a total of about 15 hours - if you include driving time.  We have two matches and two tournaments coming up this week. 

3.  We have managed to put up a tree, a couple really sad looking trees out front and few sprinkling of Christmas decor on our sun porch.  Our neighbors down the street have their house decorated with a gazillion lights that are set to music that you can hear through an FM radio station.  Seriously.  Decorating our house is just not even worth the effort.  No one can even compare.  I can only assume that they have not been sitting for hours on end in Liberty Park, Vestavia or Homewood,  watching hundreds of sweaty teenagers attack each other.  Either that or we are subhuman losers who cannot manage to keep up with the rest of society. 

4.  I'm not close to being done with my Christmas shopping.  I haven't even started on Christmas menu planning.

5.  I don't know exactly what we are doing for Addie's Birthday.  I'm trying not to think about it.  I can't handle thinking that we are about to enter year five.

6.  We have had our fall pictures back from Kim and I am just now finding the time to start posting them on the blog. 

7.  I'm invoking my sibling confidentiality rules for this one.  The vast majority of you know that my Mom had a massive heart attack in February.  She spent months in and out of the hospital and was never quite the same.  We finally convinced her to change hospitals, she found a Cardiologist that would actually listen to her instead of thinking that she was delusional and wouldn't you know it...
     The Cardiologist has found a blockage in my Mother's heart that is causing all of her awful symptoms that have been there since her open heart surgery - TEN MONTHS BACK!!! we go again.  Mom is having surgery on Tuesday.  We are praying that a stent will correct the problem.  I can't imagine my Mom having to go through a second open heart surgery within ten months.  I am enormously worried about Tuesday and I know that I can count on many of you to keep my Mom in your prayers.  We have so many things going on this month and I want her well so that she can enjoy them.

7.  I think that covers the stuff I feel like sharing.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Will be praying for your mom.

Susan W.