Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birmingham Zoo

December 1, we ventured out to the zoo to see all the lights.
We had a great time except for the fact that Addie refused to keep her gloves and hat on and tried her best to become hypothermic.
Other than that, and my family refusing to play along with my desire for some pictures, it was nice...
and over quickly.

Seriously, I wasn't asking for much, just one little photo.
I'm not exactly sure, but I think this lovely photo was a result of Addie realizing that the train ride was over and we were about to leave.
I think she thought Julien was getting ready to grab her and run.
We were definitely in the Christmas spirit.
Walking through the butterfly house in December...freezing like crazy and Chunk refused her gloves.
I think we picked them up off the ground at least 221 times.
At the point where her fingers starting turning red, we decided it was time to go!
Next year, I will just wrap her in a one piece snow suit where she is unable to remove a stitch of clothing - that will keep her warm and toasty!


jennohara said...

THANK YOU for reminding me that we still havent seen any of the lights yet!! Those look is it that you guys seem to be having colder weather than us??!!