Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My family came to our house Christmas Eve.
When I say "my family", that includes Carli.
That sweet little face caused a bi-polar kind of night.

She was sweet and sat and watched all the excitement for about 22 seconds before Addie got her little hands on her
and then for the rest of the night, Addie refused to let her go.
When we tried to take a picture, Addie thought my brother was going to take Carli from her and massive tears emerged.
The tears started to dry up and Addie's already stuffy nose made it impossible for her to breathe.
My poor baby was having a rough time!

Yes.  That is her pouty bottom lip sticking out.
She dared anyone to try and touch Carli.
There came a point in the evening when Carli did escape Addie's grasp. 
It was then that Carli spotted Alley.
She started barking and growling at Alley, but when Alley got fed up with it and decided she was going to come into the living room to set Carli straight, Carli ran and hid behind my mother's legs.
What a scaredy cat dog.
Carli is a lot of extra work, but she is such a sweet dog and loved by us all.
It was nice for her to be a part of the celebration this year.


Jake and Emmie said...

Oh my goodness....Addie's pouty face melts my heart! She could definitely get anything she wanted with that sweet face! =)

Jenn (crazy Target girl)