Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve - Just Us

Me and my stuffy nosed baby.
Addie knew from all of the activity at the house that we were having a party and she kept a close watch on the windows - anxiously waiting for people to arrive!

She took a picture with me and with Chris, gave him a quick kiss and back to watching the windows she went.
We are such dorks.
Here - a  picture of me and Jim Carrey Julien.
Chris and I walked into a wrestling match a couple weeks back and found another mom cutting Julien's hair (and the hair of several other boys). 
It was either cut their hair or they didn't get to participate in the match since their hair was touching their eyebrows.
Not really a lot of options when you are sitting on bleachers in a middle school gym...
A huge change from his hair this past summer and not a bad change at that!
Carli in a headlock - it doesn't look brutal at all.
I think Addie is watching to make sure nobody is going to try and sneak up and rip Carli from her hands.
That poor dog...
Merry Christmas Eve to you all!
This is where the camera got put down and in all of the commotion, I didn't get a chance to get many more pictures....
The kids got exactly what they wanted from my family.
Addie ended up with four new baby doll's this Christmas and she loves them all.
I think Chris will have to start building onto the house so that we can have a room for all of Addie's baby doll's. 
Not that he would mind, considering books and babies are what makes Addie the happiest.


Jennifer and Mark Kiel said...

Great family pics and I LOVE Addie's outfit. Where can I find it? My 2 girls would love it. Merry Christmas!!!

Love, Jenn

Jenn said...

Hi Jennifer,
The outfit is from Sew Precious at Patton Creek and the tutu was an Etsy find.