Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Party at School

Addie had her last preschool Christmas Party on December 16.
The kids sang songs for us and it was really sweet.
Addie was so thrilled to be in front of everyone and to see all of her friends singing, that she just stood there smiling and giggling.
Her teachers told me that she did well following along with some of the hand motions and singing parts of the songs during practice, but the excitement of it all prevented her participation at show time!

On another note, Addie is so in love with her tutu.
The entire way to school, she kept saying, "party"!
(because she knows that dress up time = party time)
She insisted on wearing her tutu the rest of the weekend as well.
I see no problem with it at all.
If I could get away with wearing a tutu, I would as well...I guess it's a little late to ask Santa for one now...
After the program, it was time for the book exchange.
Addie was thrilled to participate!
It took a little effort for the kids to catch on to the game,
but, they were very pleased with the results.

Addie loves her new book!

I seriously have no idea where the month of December has gone.
I am not ready for any of the events coming between now and the end of the month and I just need for time to slow down a little.