Sunday, December 19, 2010

Addie Mae Mae - Part 2

I really do hate to subject you guys to this, but it has to be done for our archives.
I fully realize that the screechy sound of my voice will want to make you run and poke your eardrums out, but still...this blog is used as a way to chronicle Addie's life - even the annoying Mom parts.

I just found this video and it goes along with the original Addie Mae Mae post.
(Don't forget, in order to fully punish your eardrums, you can pause the music located at the very bottom of the blog.
For the record, I really don't think my voice is that annoying in real life.)
(and..when I asked Addie, "where are you", it was because she kept trying to see around to the front of the phone...not because I really didn't know where my child was.)


jennohara said...

Haha! Just for the record, I think EVERYONE thinks their own voice is annoying when listeing to it themself.
She's so sweet. I love watching and hearing her!