Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fish, cat and dog

Day 4

Today was awesome - minus the fungus!
Fungus girl is still full of goop and is leaving a trail of it around Orlando. Ugh.

The pain meds must have worked wonders because Addie's mood was fabulous today! We spent most of today in Seuss Land and with the exception of the possessed Merry Go Round, it was wonderful! Julien insisted on taking Addie on the Merry Go Round and I think her equilibrium was so disturbed, it was awful and the ride couldn't end quickly enough. On the other hand, Addie couldn't get enough of the atmosphere, The Cat in the Hat and the fish (red fish, blue fish...) rides were her very favorite - it was so beautiful to see her joy!

For the majority of the day, Addie didn't say anything, until she decided that she was addicted to the fish ride and then we heard, "fish". We love hearing new words!!!!

On the way out of the park tonight, Addie spotted a dog (assisting his owner) in the midst of hundreds of people and she looked back at me, pointed and looked back at me like she was confused. She just didn't understand why out of nowhere there was a dog walking around. It was sweet to see her thinking through a situation.

Julien was the best big brother today wanting to take Addie on all the rides, pick out toys for her and to keep her entertained at all times. I love watching them together!!!!