Monday, December 27, 2010

32 Degrees, but feels like -12

Day 2

Well...F.G.'s sinuses have taken a turn for the worse. We were not out today for very long before F.G. hit the meltdown of no return. Chris and I decided to take her back to the condo and my family offered to watch her so that we could go back out to the park. We made a trip to Publix to load up on meds, I got Addie all settled in a warm pair of pajamas, with a good dose of Tylenol and with two new matchbox cars (she loves pushing cars around and making little car sounds). After a few hours and lots of loving, Addie was content and happy to play with my niece, we met back up with the rest of my family so that we could spend time with Julien.

Although the weather is literally freezing cold, we stayed until the park was ready to close and although I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, it was a must for us to check out the castle and rides. was so impressive and awesome! A must for anyone visiting Universal Studios.

The day really was nice, I just wish F.G. was all beter...this is so awful for her. I almost cried right along with her today, it was just that heartbreaking. She has to get better soon.

On our way out of the park tonight, we passed Bubba Gump's and right in the window was the sweatshirt that read, "Run Forrest Run".


jennohara said...

Oh...the "run forrest run" thing is right on, I guess!
I really hope Addie gets better! Poor little thing...
I hope it warms up for you guys too! :(