Saturday, December 04, 2010

Kim Sharit Photography - Story Time

Although the new pictures are posted in the header of the blog, I will still post them because usually there is a story to go along with each picture.
Most of you know that I absolutely love Kim and I don't think there is another photographer on this earth that would have the patience for my family - so that makes me love her even more.
As my luck would have it, Addie was evil during this photo shoot.
Right before we got out of the car, Addie was sitting on my lap and I was telling her that she was going to be sweet for Kim and she was going to smile and "not cry".
She nodded her head in agreement, it's just that she didn't know what she was agreeing to.
Hence, the bribery.
Yes, I bribe my children and therefore, have no problem letting Kim bribe my children.
We were desperate by the time this picture was taken.
We were trying to think of any way under the sun to get Addie to cooperate and out of desperation, Kim told Addie that she would give her a pine cone if she sat on the suitcases. read that right.
A Pine Cone.
Yes, the exact opposite of soft and fuzzy.
Addie doesn't appear thrilled about the bribery... and she wasn't thrilled over the sharp little edges digging into her fingers...
but did take a moment to examine it before she hurled it across the grass.

We do what we have to do.


jennohara said...

Oh, you guys could've done better than a pine cone!! Poor kid! :-D
The pictures are adorable as always!