Monday, December 13, 2010

That Explains It...

Well, I figured out why Monkus was so evil this past weekend.
Although she is on antibiotics and should be getting well, Chunky Monkey woke me way before daybreak - screaming.
When I walked into her room, she was covered in goop.
Her ear had caused an awful mess all over her and her bed which resulted in an immediate trip to the shower.
Monkus is beyond miserable and will not leave her ears alone and is in terrible pain.
This cannot be a repeat of last year, I have to get her well before Christmas!
On another note,
Julien didn't mind having his first (and hopefully) last CT Scan today.
We will find out the results next week.
I sure would love for there to be a great medical explanation for all of his problems so that we can get him patched up and feeling better too!


Shellie0621 said...

Aww..poor thing! I sure hope she feels better soon!

jennohara said...

At least the bug is getting it's fill before Christmas this year!!
I hope she's better!