Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Olivia's 4th Birthday Party

I am always amazed at how creative parents are with their children's birthday parties.
This was no exception.
We were invited to Olivia's Sweet Shoppe for the party, which included an enormous list of chocolaty goodness.
At the beginning of the party, each child decorated a bag to put all of the candy in at the end of the party.
It was the neatest party (and not just because of the marshmallows that somehow found the chocolate fountain and then their way into my mouth)!
At the end of the party, all the kids went outside for a group picture...I was stuck on the porch, so this is the only picture I got, but it is priceless!
I love it!

As soon as we got home, Addie sat down to examine the goods.

After inspecting all the candy, she finished up the fruit loops on her candy necklace right before she crashed for a three hour nap...completely missing the Christmas Parade!


Kat said...

Jennifer, I've got some great pictures of the kids on the steps that I'll send you. Thanks for all of the sweet comments about Livi's party. We were so happy that you all were able to come! It wouldn't be the same without sweet Addie :)

jennohara said...

3 hour nap! She must have had a great time at the party!! Her dress is adorable.