Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sixteen-month vision screening

Addie had her follow up today with Dr. Metz. In the whole scheme of things, we received good news. Addie did great during the exam and didn't fuss at all! Dr. Metz explained that all babies have some degree of farsightedness, but Addie has a moderate degree of farsightedness. Basically what this means is we have added another item to our "wait and see world". Please don't get me wrong, the last time we saw Dr. Metz we were not certain that Addie would even be able to see, so this really is great news. I just don't want any additional limitations put on Addie. We have to watch her for a few different things and just pray that she outgrows this. She has been a bit upset because of her disorientation with her eyes being blurry after being dilated, but this should pass within 48 hours. I thank God that Addie can see and for those amazing blue eyes! God will continue to be with us and we will follow HIS path.