Friday, May 04, 2007

Dr. Davis

We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Davis (ENT) today because poor Addie has fluid in her ear again!
Dr. Davis has a child that attended The Bell Center for three years, so he takes an aggressive approach to treatment because he fully understands how important it is to keep the ears free of fluid and working to their full potential.
It was nice to have a doctor who was
immediately on my side and didn't tell us to "wait and see"!
Although Addie doesn't meet the "standard criteria" we are proceeding with bilateral tubes on May 25th.
I told him I didn't want Addie to miss out on another week of not being able to hear like she should.
He explained that Addie is at high risk for problems with anesthesia and will probably need multiple sets of tubes over time due to other factors.
I honestly can't wait for the 25th to get here!