Monday, June 14, 2010

Tic-tacs, cooties and immunizations - Greenvale - Part 2

Addie's visit to Greenvale went very well.
She was sweet and didn't cause a ruckus as she had at our last visit, but she did manage to use up over half of the 104 stickers and container of tic-tacs that I brought for her to occupy the wait time.
Addie managed to touch every nook and cranny in the exam room and tried her best to ingest as many cooties as humanly possible.
I don't believe that Addie talked to Dr. Dudgeon, but she finally showed off her walking skills and was a very good little patient.
Addie was due for an immunization and I didn't hesitate to go ahead and get it while we were there - it had been a year since her last one.
As I have said many, many times before, Addie is the best little patient when she has to get a shot!
The nurse that administered the immunization to Addie was pleasant.
I don't remember seeing her before, but after she asked if I always held Addie on my lap for the administration, Addie took the lead.
I told Addie that she had to get one boo-boo shot on her leg and that is when Addie looked down at her leg and pointed.
She then watched as the nurse wiped her leg, dried it with the cotton ball, administered the immunization and applied the boo-boo band-aid.
Addie never cried.
I am so proud of her and I am unbelievably lucky to have a child that doesn't freak out over shots!
I suspect we will be back to Greenvale soon.
Little Monkey's can ingest only so many cootie infested tic-tacs and eat only so many cat treats before we are bound to end up with something that requires a written prescription.