Monday, June 14, 2010

An answered prayer - Greenvale Part 3

I have had a bit of anxiety over posting this, but know that you guys must know how extremely grateful that I continue to be for your prayers and support.
I don't talk about Addie's head circumference.
I may randomly mention it from time to time to a very select few people, but there is no reason to discuss it.
In the beginning, I worried over what we could expect for growth and development.
As time passed, I changed my prayer for Addie.
It is a very specific prayer and a very private prayer.
A prayer that I don't share with anyone, but it is a prayer that comes from my heart and is supported by logical expectations.
I turned my excessive worry of Addie's growth and development over to GOD.
I put the tape measures away and only bring one out every few months - just to check.
It had been months and months since the last time I checked Addie's head circumference.
About two months back, I ran across one of the many tape measures that I have tucked away throughout our house and as Addie and I were sitting on the floor of her bedroom playing, I quickly measured her head and had to force myself to look at the numbers.
I read the numbers and then remeasured and reread it and then I tucked the tape measure away and never said a word - to anybody.
A month or so later, I casually mentioned to Chris that I thought there might have been a little bit of head growth.
On the morning that we went to see Dr. Dudgeon, I dropped one of the tape measures in my bag and thought I would ask him to check behind me and so he did.
He read the numbers exactly as I had.
There has been growth in Addie's head circumference - just a little smidgen of growth.
That little smidgen of growth is a representation of my constant prayers and faith.
Would you all please say a prayer and thank our GOD for continuing to show this world the miracles that HE showers upon Addie?
Do you guys realize what a beautiful gift this is to my heart?
It is just a smidgen of growth, but an answered prayer that is immeasurable.
Please continue your prayers for Addie - for Addie's continued progression and head growth.
I am beyond blessed for this life that I have and wouldn't trade a minute of it.


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Thanking HIM with you!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for this miracle. One step at a time and day by day, He shows us that He is in charge and hears our prayers. We will not cease praying for these angels that you have!