Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Other than Loretta Lynn

I do not believe that I have ever known of anyone else who gets so excited over a new pair of shoes.
My Chunky Monkey is thrilled over each and every new pair of shoes that she gets.
She truly is a shoe diva and I have no idea where she got that from!
I had to buy yet one more pair of shoes for the Monkey.
Chris and I hired a physical therapist to come and see Monkey for the summer months since she will not receive FIVE of the six therapy appointments each week that she normally receives because it is summer and some of the therapists don't work during the summer.
(Banging my head against a wall and trying really hard to keep my mouth zipped)
I have had major concerns with Monkey's braces and thank GOD for the physical therapist that came and thoroughly examined Monkey's braces because the braces are causing more harm than good.
We have had so much trouble with braces that I wonder how beneficial they really are for Monkey.
To keep the story short, we have ditched the braces and had to buy a good supportive athletic shoe until we can decide the next step to take to help Monkey's little feet.
The whole process is just so frustrating, but I am so thankful for our physical therapist and her hard, hard work with Monkey!
When the little Monkey got out of the shower tonight, she went straight for her new shoes and "begged" me to put them on.

Chris wanted to know exactly why Monkey had her shoes on...and nothing else.

(I have no idea why there is a video game crammed under my couch - that clearly was not returned to its proper place)


csmith said...

Love it Jenn! She is sporting in style! Carie :-)