Sunday, June 13, 2010

P.O.C. or just a side effect

I have lots of little updates -and pictures, but am still trying to catch up from the time when my day started last Thursday.
Life has been even more hectic than usual.
Sweet Addie woke me Friday morning and I knew before I even got to her that she had to be running a fever.
She has this distinctive little whimper that she makes only when she has a fever.
I don't know if the fever was caused by a side effect to an immunization she received last Thursday or if the fever was caused by P.O.C.:
Pediatrician's Office Cooties.
Addie does not tolerate immunizations well and usually runs a high fever, but then again, I do believe she ate a tic-tac off the exam room floor, so it is a complete toss up.
I will start catching up soon...I'm smiling just thinking about the updates I have!