Friday, June 18, 2010

Well mannered

In my effort to teach the little Monkey useful and practical language that will assist her in daily communications, it is also necessary to teach the rotten little Monkey manners.
I do not remember at what point Monkey caught on to the phrase, "excuse me", but she absolutely has it down pat and knows the appropriate times in which to use it.
She also uses the phrase at times that are not necessarily needed, but her efforts just highlight her sweet beauty.
Not only does the little Monkey say "excuse me" when she bumps into somebody or needs to get past someone, but she also says "excuse me":
~To the cats
~To socks that may be on the floor in her walking path
~To the island in the kitchen when she hits it because she loses her balance
~or to no one in particular to compensate for unladylike sounds.
I am awfully proud of my little Monkey and her sweet little manners
Life is good.


jennohara said...

Awe! What a sweet little well-mannered monkey!

csmith said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Addie is just too SWEET and she literally makes my heart smile and burst at the seams! Love this little lady!!!!