Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This is the post wishing my husband a Happy Father's Day.
Although he technically received his Father's Day gift two months back, he still made out like a bandit.
Other than his four day golf trip in April, he enjoyed a massage Saturday night (we took part in a fundraiser - here is the link in case anyone is interested in helping this family), followed by an adults only dinner (with his wife) and then he will be wrapping up the festivities while enjoying four days of golf this week.
The four days will be in Alabama, so he will be home each night, but still...four days off to play golf.
So, please don't take pity on my husband when I tell you that I didn't purchase him a card from the kids.
I know, I am such a slacker, but surely we can move past it and he will learn to forgive me...
probably somewhere on the back nine on day one of his play time with friends.
I hope you guys enjoyed this day.
It was tough for us.
Chris is perpetually on call and spent the morning at work, followed by a little Monkey that cried almost ALL day and Julien is away for the weekend.
Tomorrow will be better after my fours hours of sleep (and it better be uninterrupted!).