Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Chunky Monkey didn't hesitate to explore every inch of the children's area.
I must have looked approachable today because I had some of the oddest conversations to take place.
~I had a physicians wife approach me to discuss reconstructive hand surgery and preventable measures for hand injuries.

~I had a Dad approach me to ask if I saw his daughters missing shoes and wondered if I could possibly help him and keep an eye out for them (isn't this a scenario that we tell our children all the time to avoid - run and yell "fire"...right?).

~I also had a Mother to tell me that if I would move out from in front of the camera that my little girl might enjoy watching herself on the video monitor...
what the...???
1. I didn't know there even was a video monitor - apparently there was one right in front of the chair that Monkey was trying to climb onto.
2. Was she implying that my bum was so big that it was blocking the entire video monitor?
3. What made her think that my little girl would enjoy watching herself on the monitor?
4. Although I am all for the whole free speech thing - AND THE AVOIDANCE OF SOCIALISM AND GOVERNMENT DICTATORSHIP - I really think that if I want my over sized bum to block something, that I really have that right...and;
5. My bum was inadvertently blocking the video monitor because I was keeping the little Monkey from falling off the chair.
what that Mommy would have had to realize is that Monkey cannot be left unattended in chairs because she has severe balance issues and falls easily.
(They don't sell alcohol at the children's museum,
but it is sold at Chuck E. Cheese.
I wonder who makes more business?)

Chris was not feeling well at all - ended up being walking pneumonia which put him in the bed for two whole days - so he missed out on all of my fun conversations of the day as he was sitting on any available chair trying to enjoy just watching Monkey.

Of course she took a time out to stop and look at the books.
My sweet girl loves books!


Nicole said...

I had to laugh out loud about your conversations! Was the physician's wife trying to stir up some business for him??? How funny! Love all the pictures. Looks like she had a good time.

Sandy Lovell said...

Your post cracked me up! I love the fun that Addie was having, but in this post, I more love how you described the conversations of the day and your internal thoughts. Way too funny1 Thanks!