Thursday, June 17, 2010


One of my new favorite things that Addie says is, "Um".
She is so very perceptive and it occurred to me how she learned the word.
Addie tries her best to talk to me and I try really, really hard to understand what she is trying to tell me.
In an effort to buy me a few seconds to respond to her, I will say...
"Um...well, Baby Girl, Mommy is trying to understand you. Can you show me what you need?"
I realized that I was saying "Um" almost every single time.
So, now when you ask the little Monkey a question, she will say, "Ummmm" in a very inquisitive little voice and hold up her hands as if she is trying to figure it out.
It may not be the best habit for her to have or the best stepping stone towards a world filled with good grammar (but who am I kidding, she is my child and we live in the deep South...sheesh), but it is a new word and new vocal skills and I am not willing to hinder any speech development -regardless if it is "grammatically" incorrect or not!