Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is not the best picture of Julien, but I just don't care!
Julien got home a full day early!!!!
On the way home, he sent me a text asking me to wake Addie from her nap so that he could give her a hug when he got home...and of course I did (although you guys know I don't wake a sleeping Monkey for hardly anything!)
Addie was waiting at the window when she saw the truck pull up and as they were parking we ran to the front door.
Addie watched as Julien got out of the truck and then she started looking from Julien to me and then back to Julien.
When he opened the glass door, she just looked at him in amazement and then he hugged her until I thought every ounce of air was gone from her little body.
Next, he scooped her up, put her on his shoulders and didn't let go of her for the next two days.
Addie followed him everywhere, held his hand the entire time they were in the car together and even said something that Julien and I swear sounded like, "don't go" when Julien went to leave the room.
I don't know who missed who the most.
Thank you each and every one for praying for Julien while he was away.
Thank you for asking about him and constantly checking on him.
I can now rest so much easier at night knowing both of my babies are together again.