Monday, August 31, 2009

Had we known

What can I say?
Monkey thinks the little ginger bread is just peachy and loves the feel of it against her hand. Who am I to deny my baby girl of joy?
Had we known Monkey would be so fascinated by a safety gate, we would have brought it up from the garage long ago.
Since Monkey is now taking independent steps, we decided to check out our options for blocking the stairs.
It's not like Monkey is really out of our sight at any given moment, but hey, it's been in the basement for well over a year now so we might as well do something with it!
Monkey is such a sweet, little helper and when she saw her Daddy bringing that big box up the stairs, she crawled as fast as she could over to the box and started trying to open it.
Monkey then proceeded to spend the next two hours playing with the gate!
Chris and I just sat back and watched her.
She had the very best time!
Who new a safety gate could be so much fun?


Anonymous said...

What a sweet baby girl! She blesses my heart soooooo much! Carie